Roofing services: Roof renovation & roof restoration

Roof renovation, roof restoration

Over time the elements and other environmental factors take their toll on your roof. Our roofing renovation and restoration solutions are used commonly for residential roofs, conservatories, garages, extensions and much more.

In addition to general flat roof or pitched roof repairs, fascia and soffit repairs / replacements, gutter replacements, we also offer roofing services of vapour barrier (or often called moisture barrier) installation, breathable membrane installation, dry ridge systems, dry verge systems , roof ventilation solutions, roof vents / roof tile vents.

The vapour or vapor barrier, also called breathable membrane is a control layer that helps you protect your building from the consequences of condensation. A vapour barrier or breathable membrane prevents damp and mould, causing structural problems, weakening timber framed buildings, corroding other materials. They can also prevent installed insulation getting damp and losing it’s thermal properties as well as avoiding respiratory illnesses caused by mould.

Dry ridge systems and dry verge systems allows for weather proofing of your roof without the need of mortar. Dry verge roofing makes use of interlocking caps that fit over the edge of your roof tiles, and offers an effective and durable alternative to wet verges.

Roof ventilation systems or roof vents use the wind, solar, electrical energy or natural convection to move air out of the attic area. In cold weather, ventilation can help moving moisture from your home. In the heat, ventilation can remove the hot air, keeping energy costs down and both your home and attic at a more comfortable temperature.