Roofing services: Zinc roofing

Zinc roof installations

Zinc is one of the most durable metal roofing materials, with a life expectancy of up  to 100 years. Compact and also one of the most flexible materials, making it ideal to form custom shapes with ease.

Zinc is an environment friendly metal roofing material and 100% recyclable. This versatile material is very popular for all types of cladding and standing roofing projects.

Zinc is easy to maintain, compact and recyclable. Above all, zinc gives it a modern and stylish appearance with wide range of colours to choose from. Zinc work provides durable protection and ensures that the drainage of rainwater is well regulated.

Every roof is different with different angles and shapes – all zinc roofing projects are made to measure. With our many years of experience in zinc roofing, we have built up the professional experience, with an eye for detail and offer the highest quality zinc work for you. We only use trusted, high quality materials such as VM Zinc or NedZink.

Great combination with zinc gutter, downpipe system or zinc cladding.