Guttering services: Box gutter repairs & installations

Box gutter repairs & installations

A box gutter or sometimes called finlock gutter is hidden from view behind a parapet, soffits, fascia board or placed in a roof valley.

The hidden gutter collects rainwater from the roof and wall surface upwards from its position and diverts it to a drainage system.

The use of this type of gutters has became popular over the years to allow architects a much greater range of design possibilities and pleasing aesthetics. Box gutters are available in various materials including aluminium, zinc, copper, metal, stainless steel, lead, EPDM/rubber. It’s also a common solution in industrial and commercial properties.

This type of gutters due to their nature are a concealed item, usually over an habitable room or area. The first sign of problems with box gutters appear in forms of leaks and staining, causing damages to surfaces below.

The first and most important element to any box gutter is a safety overflow system, which allows discharging the rainwater collected. The second most notable part is the correct slope of the gutters and thirdly regular maintenance can minimize risk of water entry.

With regular inspection and removal of any debris build-up or any items within the gutter and safety overflow, such as leaves, branches, birds nests, building debris, etc that could led to a blockage and/or restrict water movement.

If you are notice problems with your concealed gutter or considering a box gutter installation, please get in touch with our guttering specialists who can advise you on the best solution.

Great combination with flat roofing, metal roofing or tiled roofing.