Roofing services: Aluminium roofing

Aluminium roof installations

Aluminium is a light weight, very strong and its longevity make it the ideal roofing material choice. Resistant to rust and corrosion over time, aluminium roofing is often the preferred material both for residential and commercial projects.

Aluminium roofing is tailor made for each project and the most affordable metal roofing option. Being the lightest roofing material on the market – with an aluminium roof, weight on a structure is never an issue and does not require structural reinforcement, unlike heavy tile and slate roofs.

Aluminium standing seam systems are becoming increasingly popular, as an innovative choice to traditional alternatives. They are highly valued due to their great flexibility in terms of design, with regards to both structure and wide colour range. The roofing system’s low weight, speed of construction and adaptability make it equally suitable for new build and refurbishment projects. We only use trusted, high quality materials such as Prefa.

Great combination with aluminium gutter, downpipe system or aluminium cladding.